Save your Saturday, by cleaning a little every day

No one wants to spend their Saturday cleaning house. Getting in the habit of doing a little work everyday means you won’t have to clean every week. Enlist your children and husband to help, you don’t have to do it all yourself! Having your children involved in the habit of doing a little for the house every day will ensure that they’ll grow to adults who know how to keep a clean home, too.

Make your bed everyday

Start with the first thing you do in the morning! An unmade bed can make the entire room look messy. It only takes a few moments to make your bed and you’ll feel like your laying in a fresh bed every evening. 

Remove dishes from rooms each day

Most people have a drink throughout the night and possibly a bedtime snack too. In the morning collect your dirty dishes from each room and bring them to the dishwasher. It’s unbelievable how quickly they can accumulate in your child’s room. 

Wipe your sink and vanity with a disinfecting wipe after each use

Between toothpaste, makeup and hair there is always something left behind in the process of getting ready for the day. Spend a minute sprucing up the area for a fresh look. 

Empty the dishwasher every morning

Emptying even a packed dishwasher takes roughly 5 minutes. Kill time while the coffee brews! An empty dishwasher prevents dishes from piling up in the sink and makes room for the dishes you collected from the previous evening. Dishes in the sink make everything else in the kitchen appear dirty. 

Wipe down your baseboards every week

I have several methods for doing this but the easiest is running the vacuum extension along the baseboards once a week. For extra clean baseboards you can use a child’s broom, by wrapping a rubber band wrapped around an old rag you can spray vinegar on the rag and remove dust and debris while thoroughly cleaning your baseboards. This prevents build up and keeps them looking new. 

Do at least one load of laundry a day

Instead of spending hours doing all your laundry on a single day, keep on top of it and do a load a day. Wash, fold and put away one load a day. Start a load before work and pop it in the dryer when you get home. By the time dinner is over you can quickly fold and put away a single load in no time at all. 

Tidy up counters before bed

Nothing gives me anxiety like a cluttered counter does. Keeping a minimal amount of appliances on your counter frees up work space. As cereal boxes, dish towels and miscellaneous items accumulate on your counters throughout the day, spend a few moments before going to bed putting everything back in its designated spot and wipe your counters down. 

Vacuum daily

Whether you have carpet, area rugs or hardwood floors, things fall of the floor throughout the day. Run a vacuum or sweeper once a day to keep it clean and prevent stains.  

Have a place for everything

Being organized is the best way to keep your house clean. Having a designated spot for everything makes it easy to put things away after use. Make sure you stay consistent so that everyone in the house knows how to find and replace things after each use. 

Spray your tub and toilet after each use

Prevent mildew and build up by spraying your tub and toilet after each use. It may sound excessive but these are high traffic areas and can get gross really fast. If everyone follows this rule your areas will be sparkling clean all the time. 

Clean as you cook

My mother taught me to clean up as I cook. No one wants to tackle a sink full of dirty pot and pans after slaving over a hot stove. As you finish using a dish or utensil clean it or toss it in the dishwasher. If you follow this policy you’ll have very little left to do after enjoying a delicious meal. 

Wipe your backsplash everyday to avoid build up

Sauces bubble over and splatter, oil pops all over the place and your toddler, who wants to help, splashes food everywhere. Sometimes you don’t even notice something has spattered until there is a sudden dull to your typically shiny backsplash. By wiping it after cooking every time you’ll keep it clean and preserve that clean grout too!

Hang up your coats as soon as you come home

My kids love to come home from school and throw their coats wherever the stand. Even throwing them over the back of the chair can become messy over time, if they decide to alternate outerwear throughout the week. It takes just a moment to hang coats and jackets in the coat closet and keeps things from becoming cluttered. 

Put your shoes away daily

I can’t tell you how many times I trip over my husbands shoes in a week. He may be the worst culprit of all. Have your family put shoes on the shoe tree or in a shoe organizer when they remove them each time. By doing this you won’t need to find a home for ten pairs of shoes on Tuesday. 

This list requires very little daily commitment and will remove a good portion of your weekend cleaning. The remainder we will catch on deep cleaning days. You will be amazed at what a difference a few moments a day helps maintain your home. It will free up your weekends for FUN!